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  • Jim Clapp

    Kenpo Karate - 8th degree Black Belt

    Jim Clapp, an 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting), has been in the Martial Arts since 1967. He graduated from West Chester University (PA) in 1970, earning a B.A. in Political Science. While at WCU he helped to found the WCU Shotokan Karate Club in 1967...it is still in existence today.

  • Judy Anderson O’Neill

    Director, Fitness Kickboxing Teacher

    Judy has been in the Martial Arts since 1974, and currently holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting). She earned her M.S. Degree in Physical Education / Biomechanics from the University of Delaware in 1977, and has worked side by side with Jim since 1979.

  • John Sarmousakis

    Program Director

    John began studying Kenpo Karate at American Karate Studios in 1971. He earned his 1st degree Black Belt in 1976 and more recently achieved his 7th degree Black Belt in 2005. Additionally, John holds the rank of 1st degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis.

  • Bob Barto

    Kenpo Karate - 5th degree Black Belt

    Bob Barto has been a part of American Karate Studios since 1993. In 1997, he received his 1st degree Black Belt. In 2014, he achieved the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt. Bob graduated from Salesianum High School in 1969 and DeSales in 1974. He is married to Mary Jane and lives in Smyrna. Bob is well known at AKS for his sense of humor, and his musical talents.

  • William Start

    Kenpo Karate - 4th degree Black Belt

    Bill began studying Kenpo Karate at American Karate Studios in 2002. Bill loves spending time with his family, and enjoys many outdoor activities such as fishing and boating. His other interests include classic cars and Siberian Huskies.

  • Cyrus Kasaaian

    Kenpo Karate - 3rd Degree Black Belt

    Cyrus began his martial arts training in Ohio in 1994, earning his black belts in karate and tae kwon do in 2005. He joined American Karate Studios in 2009 and earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2010 and his 3rd Degree Black Belt in 2013. Cyrus graduated from Columbia University and Marietta College in 2007, with degrees in math and computer science.

  • Jeanette Krause

    Fitness Kickboxing Teacher

    Jeanette Krause began at American Karate Studios in 1996, and reached Black Belt in 1999. She attained her current rank of 5th degree Black Belt in 2014. She graduated from John Dickinson High School in 1977. She currently works as a pharmacist, having graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1982.

  • Paul Haraida

    Kenpo 3rd Degree Black Belt

    PAUL HARAIDA started at AKS IN 1994 when he was 6 years old. He has served in the Army Reserves and has done a tour in Afghanistan. His interests include auto mechanics, outdoors life and video gaming.

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