When a student enrolls at American Karate Studios, s/he participates in classes that are part of a system that produces excellent Black Belts. Becoming a Black Belt requires much effort, Perseverance, Dedication and Desire. The members of the BBC have firmly Committed themselves to attaining Black Belt Excellence.

To qualify, a student must have a history of Regularly Attending at least 2 classes per week; if in school, they must maintain a “B” average or better; they must demonstrate a Caring and Sharing Attitude in and out of class; they must firmly set Black Belt as a Goal, with intention of overcoming any obstacles that may get in the way; and, finally they must write a letter explaining “Why I want to become a Black Belt.”

The main benefit is knowing that a Black Belt is the Outcome of this Commitment. This is much more motivating and inspiring than thinking you might become a Black Belt!
Each member can wear a special Black Belt Club uniform; receives the opportunity to participate in special BBC classes and events; has the opportunity to become a member of the Leadership programs; and, a 10% discount off all merchandise and private lessons.
Being a member of the Black Belt Club assists our students in developing themselves in a Positive manner, developing their Self Discipline, and brings out the Best in themselves and others. That’s one of the many reasons why AKS is considered a Black Belt School!

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