Junior Leadership Team (Dyna-Mites)

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American Karate Studios offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to develop their Leadership Skills. These opportunities are available to students as young as 10 though adults. These special programs include the Senior Leadership All-STAR Team, the Junior Leadership Dyna-Mite Team, the Black Belt Champions, the Adult Assistant Teacher Training Program and the Instructor Training Program.

We feel that if we can help our students become better individuals we can make a contribution to our community. Thus, our leadership programs are geared towards teaching a Positive Attitude; Raising Self-Esteem; and, developing Leadership Qualities, Values, and Attitudes.

The Junior Leadership Team (Dyna-Mites) is comprised of children ages 10 to 12. These children also have committed themselves to being Role Models for the other students in their classes. Each week, the students assist a Black Belt teacher in a Dyna-Tot (ages 3-6) class. The Team members also participate in demonstrations.

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